TWD Difference #2: Intriguing Patterns

Sometimes it's nice to find that exact piece of art and decor that just works and you know it from the moment you see it - sometimes you yearn for something that is just a little different than what you're seeing. We give you the option of both paths here at Turned Wood Designs. Explore the nuances of each pattern below and contact us if you have questions or need additional help making selections.

You Choose the Pattern - Explore Our Standard Patterns


Geometric Pattern Detail
Pattern creating both strong horizontal and vertical lines. The undulating pattern creates unending visual interest.



Spiral pattern detail
Turning at each corner, the grain patterns take on new meaning as blocks along each side run in the same direction



Wave Pattern Detail
The rotating block creates a wave that is engaging and unique from each viewing angle



Weave Pattern Detail
Similar to a basket weave pattern, this newly created pattern at Turned Wood Designs was created in conjunction with a recently commissioned piece of Wall Art that spelled out a word. The strong horizontal lines and subtle pattern are particularly well suited to spell out a word - check out our latest offering!


Still looking for something completely unique? We'll work together through an iterative process to review your bespoke pattern - first a digital proof, then actual layout is approved via photographs before it is cemented in place.

 Throughout the website you'll find examples of the pattens in our different hardwoods. Let us know if you're not seeing exactly what you're looking for and we'll make it happen.