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Turned Wood Designs

2' X 2' Square Wall Art

2' X 2' Square Wall Art

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Commission your bespoke, hardwood wall art by selecting the size, hardwood and pattern. All pieces are made to order and finished by hand with Danish Oil to seal and preserve your art. Individual block size is slightly under 1.75" square and 0.75" deep. Actual artwork is slightly larger than stated size to account for block overhang. 

Total artwork depth is 2" with hanging system. Weight has been approximated due to the different weight of each hardwood.

Wood and pattern images are for illustration purposes and showcase natural hardwoods that have not been oiled.

We take pictures along the way as we create each piece, if you want to see how your addition is coming along, just let us know.

We can create wall art in any shape. If you don't see the size you need, send us a note and we'll make it happen. 

Each piece is made to order, assembled by hand and sealed with Danish Oil as our standard finish. 

^Contact seller with pattern idea. Layout to be reviewed and approved prior to final production.
*Contact seller with stain idea. Block samples to be reviewed and approved prior to final production.

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